Fun drawing poses


What are some fun and creative poses for drawing?



Hi @leilalwriter

Here are some fun and creative poses for drawing:

Dynamic action pose - draw a figure in motion, such as running, jumping, or dancing, to add energy and movement to the image.

Silly facial expressions - draw a character making a funny face, with exaggerated features like wide eyes, a big nose, or a gaping mouth.

Contortionist pose - Draw a figure in a twisted or bent position, such as a pretzel-like shape or an impossible yoga pose, to challenge the artist and add interest to the image.

Hope these helps.


Hi @leilalwriter

Other ideas that might help:

Animal mimicry - draw a figure imitating an animal, such as a cat, bird, or bear, to add humor and playfulness to the image.

Human statue - draw a figure frozen in a unique or unusual position, as if they were a statue, to create an interesting and creative composition.

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Hi @leilalwriter

Just want to add more ideas:

Out of this world - draw a figure in a surreal or otherworldly setting, with floating objects, strange creatures, or an unusual environment.

Emotional expression - draw a figure showing a strong emotion, such as joy, anger, or sadness, to add depth and feeling to the image.

Remember, these are just suggestions, and the most important part is to have fun and be creative while posing your figures :slight_smile: