How much the revenue of the Google Adsense for the following stats?

Hi all,

I am trying to figure out the revenue estimation of Google Adsense.

The stats from Google Adsense are as follows for the last 30 days:
Page Views = 120,309.
Page RPM = A$0.32.
Impressions = 124,736.
Clicks = 187.
CPC = A$0.21.
Page CTR = 0.16%.

Can you please calculate this? Please give the breakdown of this calculation?

Thanks for the feedback.

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Hallo @ariarodesign

Certainly! To calculate the estimated monthly revenue from your Google AdSense earnings, you can use the following formula:

Estimated Monthly Revenue = (Total Clicks × CPC) + (Page Views × Page RPM / 1000)

Let’s plug in your numbers then:

Total Clicks = 187
CPC (Cost Per Click) = A$0.21
Page Views = 120,309
Page RPM (Revenue Per 1000 Page Views) = A$0.32
Impressions = 124,736

First, calculate the revenue from clicks:
Revenue from Clicks = 187 (clicks) × A$0.21 (CPC) = A$39.27

Next, calculate the revenue from page views using Page RPM:
Revenue from Page Views = (120,309 page views × A$0.32) / 1000 = A$38.58

Now, add the revenue from clicks and page views to get the estimated monthly revenue:
Estimated Monthly Revenue = A$39.27 + A$38.58 = A$77.85

So, your estimated monthly revenue from Google AdSense for the last 30 days is approximately A$77.85. Please note that this is an estimate, and actual earnings may vary due to factors like ad placement, quality, and user behaviour.