How to invert selection in GIMP?

Hello everyone,

I am relatively new to graphics and editing, and I’m currently working on a project related to my business app. I’m using GIMP for image editing, and I’ve encountered the term “invert selection” multiple times while browsing tutorials and guides. However, I’m unsure what it means or how to execute it in GIMP.

Could someone kindly explain to me what “invert selection” means in the context of GIMP and how I can perform this action in the software? I’d greatly appreciate step-by-step instructions or tips to help me achieve this.

Thank you in advance for your valuable assistance!


Hi @leilalwriter

I can help you with that! In GIMP, “invert selection” is a useful feature that allows you to select the opposite of what is currently selected. This can be particularly handy when you want to work with areas not already selected.

To invert a selection in GIMP, follow these steps:

Open GIMP and load the image you want to work on.
Use any selection tools (e.g., Rectangle Select, Ellipse Select, Free Select) to make your initial selection. You can find these tools in the toolbox on the left side of the window.
Once you have a selection, go to the “Select” menu at the top of the window.
In the “Select” menu, you will find the “Invert” option. Click on it, and your selection will be inverted, meaning the previously unselected areas will now be selected, and vice versa.
Now, you can perform any actions you want on the inverted selection, such as applying filters, making adjustments, or editing specific image parts.

Remember, the “Invert” option can be handy when you want to change the background or other areas not part of your initial selection.

I hope this explanation helps! If you have any more questions or need further assistance with GIMP or any other business/app-related topic, feel free to ask.

Happy editing!