Indoor couple maternity photoshoot ideas


I am looking for inspiration for an indoor couple maternity photoshoot. Can you provide me with some unique and creative ideas for the setting, poses, and props that would make for a memorable and special experience for the expecting couple? Any suggestions for a theme or style would also be appreciated.



Hi @dchadmin

Try one of these:

Belly bump shots - focus on capturing the mom-to-be’s growing belly, incorporating both partners into the shot.

Cozy at home - capture the couple relaxing in their home with comfortable props such as pillows, blankets, and books.

Reading together - have the couple cuddled up on the couch reading books, with a focus on the mom’s bump.

Hope these helps :slight_smile:

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Try these ones as well:

Family heirlooms - incorporate meaningful family heirlooms or props, such as vintage baby clothes or a grandfather’s rocking chair, into the shoot.

Candid moments - capturing natural, candid moments between the couple, such as a kiss, a hug or a tender gaze.