Looking for recommendations: Best Japanese tattoo studios in Sydney for travelers?

I’m researching a trip to Sydney, and I’m interested in getting a Japanese tattoo while I’m there to commemorate my journey. I’ve heard that Sydney has some excellent Japanese tattoo studios, and I want to make sure I choose the best one for my experience. Can anyone recommend the best Japanese tattoo studios in Sydney that cater to travellers? I’m looking for a place that offers top-notch tattoo artistry and provides a comfortable and memorable experience for tourists.

Your suggestions and insights would be greatly appreciated!


Hi @jadewilliamsccode

When it comes to finding the best Japanese tattoo studios in Sydney, you’re lucky because the city boasts some exceptional options. Japanese tattoo art, or Irezumi, is a unique and captivating choice. Here are a few renowned tattoo studios in Sydney that specialise in this style:

Authentic Ink Tattoo Studio: Located in the heart of Sydney, this studio is known for its skilled tattoo artists who are well-versed in Japanese tattoo designs. They can provide traditional Japanese motifs like koi fish, dragons, and cherry blossoms.

Lighthouse Tattoo: Lighthouse Tattoo is another fantastic choice. Their artists are experts in various tattoo styles, including Japanese. They’re friendly and accommodating to travellers, ensuring a comfortable experience.

The Darling Parlour: This studio has a stellar reputation, and houses talented artists experienced in Japanese tattooing. It’s a great option if you’re looking for authentic Japanese artistry.

Dragon FX Tattoo: While not exclusively Japanese, this studio has some artists who excel in Japanese tattoo designs. They’re known for their attention to detail and quality work.

Before you decide, I recommend you visit the studio websites, browse their portfolios, and read customer reviews to better understand their work. Additionally, it’s essential to schedule a consultation or visit the studios in person to discuss your ideas, ensuring they can meet your specific design and style preferences.

Remember to prioritise hygiene and safety when choosing a tattoo studio. Make sure they follow proper sterilisation and safety protocols.

Enjoy your trip to Sydney and your new Japanese tattoo!