Looking for recommendations: Where's the best snorkeling in Cuba?

Hey everyone,

I’m researching a trip to Cuba for my writing, and I’ve heard it’s a fantastic destination for snorkelling. I’m not very familiar with the specific spots in Cuba, so I’m hoping some seasoned travellers or locals can help me out. Can you suggest the best places for snorkelling in Cuba? I’m interested in beautiful underwater sights and vibrant marine life. Any tips or insights on must-visit spots, safety, and best times to go would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your advice! :desert_island::tropical_fish::diving_mask:


Hi @riomartintech

Cuba is a fantastic destination for snorkelling, offering a diverse range of underwater experiences. Here are some of the best spots for snorkelling in Cuba:

Jardines del Rey: Located in the northern part of Cuba, this region includes popular destinations like Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo. The clear, shallow waters are perfect for beginners, and you’ll encounter colourful coral reefs and a variety of marine life, including tropical fish and rays.
Maria la Gorda: On the western tip of Cuba, Maria la Gorda is a hidden gem. This remote location is known for its pristine coral formations and the opportunity to see larger species like nurse sharks and sea turtles. The clear waters and vibrant marine ecosystem make it a great choice for experienced snorkelers.
Gardens of the Queen (Jardines de la Reina): This protected marine park is located off the southern coast of Cuba. It’s renowned for its untouched coral reefs and many marine species. You can expect encounters with sharks, groupers, and other large fish.
Playa Giron: Situated in the Bay of Pigs, Playa Giron is a historical site known for its underwater caves and cenotes. Snorkelers can explore these unique geological formations and observe diverse fish species in the crystal-clear waters.
Varadero: Varadero is a popular tourist destination, and while it’s primarily known for its beaches, there are opportunities for snorkelling as well. Coral gardens and sunken shipwrecks provide interesting underwater attractions.

Remember to consider the time of year for your visit, as conditions may vary with the seasons. It’s important to prioritize safety by following local regulations and, if necessary, hiring a certified guide. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced snorkeler, Cuba has something to offer everyone regarding underwater beauty and marine life.

Enjoy your snorkelling adventure in this Caribbean paradise! :desert_island::tropical_fish::diving_mask: