Need advice for the best Clash of Clans attack strategy at Town Hall 8?

Hi everyone,

I’m relatively new to gaming and recently started playing Clash of Clans. I’ve reached Town Hall 8, seeking guidance on the best attack strategy to use at this level. I’ve heard that the right strategy can make a huge difference, so I’d like to know what experienced players recommend. Can you share your insights and tips on the most effective attack strategy for Town Hall 8 in Clash of Clans? Your advice will be greatly appreciated as I strive to improve my gaming skills in this popular mobile game.

Thank you!


Hi @maxrodriguezart88

As an experienced Clash of Clans player and a gaming expert in this area, I’m here to share some valuable insights on the best attack strategies for Town Hall 8. Achieving success in Clash of Clans requires a well-thought-out approach, and Town Hall 8 is a pivotal stage in your progression.

GoWiPe (Golems, Wizards, P.E.K.K.A): This strategy combines the tankiness of Golems with the damage-dealing power of Wizards and P.E.K.K.A. Use this for a balanced and effective approach.

DragLoon (Dragons and Balloons): Utilize this strategy to unleash the flying power of Dragons followed by the precision strikes of Balloons. It’s great for air-focused attacks.

Hogs and Valkyries: A combination of Hogs and Valkyries can work wonders if you can target the right defences effectively. This is a bit more challenging but can be very rewarding.

Mass Dragons: Sometimes, the simplest approach is the best. Deploy a mass of Dragons and watch them tear through the base. Just ensure you take out the Air Defenses first.

Balloonion (Balloons and Minions): A hybrid strategy that uses the slow but powerful Balloons in combination with the faster Minions. It’s a versatile approach.

Remember, successful attacking depends on several factors, including the base layout you’re attacking, troop levels, and your ability to execute the strategy. Always scout the base before attacking to identify weaknesses and plan your approach accordingly.

Don’t forget to join a clan and engage in friendly challenges. This will help you hone your skills and try different strategies in a risk-free environment.

Feel free to ask if you have specific questions about troop compositions, base analysis, or any other Clash of Clans-related topics. Best of luck on your Clash journey!

Happy clashing!