Seeking Guidance: What is the correct order to read Joe Abercrombie's books?

Hi all

As an avid reader and fan of Joe Abercrombie’s works, I’m eager to dive into his captivating fantasy novels. However, I’m uncertain about the precise order in which I should approach his books to appreciate the intricacies of his storytelling and character development fully.

I searched Google for “joe abercrombie books in order.” I want to extend my query to the knowledgeable community here.

Could anyone please provide me with the correct chronological or recommended reading order for Joe Abercrombie’s books?

Your expertise would be greatly appreciated, enabling me to embark on this literary adventure with the utmost enjoyment and coherence.



When it comes to Joe Abercrombie’s captivating fantasy novels, experiencing the stories correctly can greatly enhance your reading pleasure. Here’s the recommended chronological order to delve into Abercrombie’s books and fully appreciate the rich tapestry of his world:

  1. “The First Law” trilogy:
  • “The Blade Itself” (Book 1)
  • “Before They Are Hanged” (Book 2)
  • “Last Argument of Kings” (Book 3)
  1. “Best Served Cold” (Standalone novel)
  • While not a direct sequel to “The First Law” trilogy, it takes place in the same world and features some familiar characters. Reading it after the trilogy provides a deeper understanding of certain events and references.
  1. “The Heroes” (Standalone novel)
  • This book offers a self-contained story set in the same world but with different characters. It can be enjoyed as a standalone or read after “Best Served Cold.”
  1. “Red Country” (Standalone novel)
  • Similar to “The Heroes,” “Red Country” occurs in the same world but features new characters and a distinct storyline. Reading it after “The Heroes” will allow for a smooth transition.
  1. “Sharp Ends” (Short story collection)
  • “Sharp Ends” is a collection of short stories set in the world of “The First Law.” It is best enjoyed after reading the previous novels, as it offers additional insights and perspectives on various characters and events.
  1. “A Little Hatred” (Book 1 of “The Age of Madness” trilogy)
  • This begins a new trilogy set in the same world but with a time jump, introducing a fresh cast of characters and a different era. It serves as an excellent entry point for new readers while also continuing the overarching narrative.
  1. “The Trouble with Peace” (Book 2 of “The Age of Madness” trilogy)
  • As the second book in “The Age of Madness” trilogy, it continues the story from “A Little Hatred” and should be read in sequential order.
  1. “The Wisdom of Crowds” (Book 3 of “The Age of Madness” trilogy)
  • The final instalment of “The Age of Madness” trilogy concludes the ongoing narrative, and it should be read after “The Trouble with Peace” to appreciate the character arcs and plot developments fully.

Following this suggested reading order, you’ll embark on an immersive journey through Joe Abercrombie’s meticulously crafted world, witnessing its evolution and experiencing the intricate connections between his books. Happy reading!