The Journal: A Tipping Point for Paying College Athletes

Listened to this Spotify podcast from The Journal. This week covers college athletes in the US - A Tipping Point for Paying College Athletes

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) faces mounting pressure to let its athletes get paid. Rachel Bachman from Wall Street Journal (WSJ) traces the changes in public opinion on the issue and outlines what’s at stake in an upcoming Supreme Court case. Plus, a University of Iowa star Jordan Bohannon shares why he started the hashtag #notNCAAproperty … and why his team purloined a rug.

It’s an interesting topic as most college athletes received the scholarship from the college and play for the college either partially or full scholarship. Why not the one that it’s not full - perhaps NCAA subsidised to become a fully then :slight_smile:

I still believe getting paid - it’s not the way to go as become too commercial for college or a good athlete can go to a well-funded college leaving the unpopular college become unfavourite - the competition becomes unbalanced.

Your thought?