What are some fun 2-man team golf games?

Hey everyone!

I’m looking to explore some fun and engaging golf games that can be played in 2-man teams. I recently heard about different formats and variations, but I’m unfamiliar with them.

Can anyone suggest some interesting 2-man team golf games and explain how they work? I’d love to try them out with my friends.

Thanks in advance!


Hi @riomartintech

There are several fun and competitive 2-man team golf games you can try. Here are a few popular ones:

Fourball (Better Ball):

  • How it Works: Both players play their own ball throughout the round. On each hole, the team’s score is the lower of the two players’ scores. This game encourages both players to play their best, knowing that their partner can potentially save the hole if they have a bad shot.
  • Example: If Player A scores a 4 on a hole and Player B scores a 5, the team score for that hole is 4.

Foursomes (Alternate Shot):

  • How it Works: In this format, teammates take turns hitting the same ball. One player tees off on odd-numbered holes and the other on even-numbered holes, and they alternate shots from there.
  • Example: Player A tees off, Player B hits the second shot, Player A hits the third, and so on. This game emphasizes teamwork and strategy.


  • How it Works: Both players tee off and choose the best shot. They then hit from that position, and this process continues until the ball is holed. This format is great for beginners or casual play, as it allows the team to always play from a favourable position.
  • Example: If Player A’s drive is better, both players will hit their second shot from where Player A’s drive landed.


  • How it Works: Both players tee off, then choose the best drive. From there, they play alternate shots into the hole.
  • Example: If Player B’s drive is selected, Player A hits the second shot, Player B hits the third, and so on.


  • How it Works: Similar to a scramble, players tee off and select the best drive. However, from that point, each player plays their ball into the hole. The best score between the two counts for the team score on each hole.
  • Example: After choosing the best drive, if Player A scores a four and Player B scores a five, the team score for the hole is 4.

Each of these games offers unique challenges and fun aspects, making them great for people of different skill levels and competitive desires.

Try them and see which one you and your friends enjoy the most!

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