What does '11 Month AA Chip' mean in the context of health?

I came across the phrase “11-month AA chip” in my search results, and I’m not quite sure what it means, especially in health. Can someone please explain this term and its relevance to health?

Any insights or information would be greatly appreciated!


Hi @leilalwriter

I’d be happy to provide an expert response related to the keyword phrase “11-month AA chip” within the topic category of “health.”

The phrase “11-month AA chip” is often associated with Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and symbolises an individual’s commitment to sobriety. AA is a support group for people struggling with alcohol addiction, and they use a system of chips or tokens to mark milestones in a person’s recovery journey.

In this context, an “11-month AA chip” would typically signify that someone has successfully remained sober for 11 months. These chips are a way to acknowledge and celebrate an individual’s progress and dedication to maintaining a healthy, alcohol-free lifestyle.

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